About us

Who We Are

VIDA Tours & Safaris is a well-established tour company founded by a group of Rwandans who are passionate about tourism and wildlife. We are based in Rwanda “– a land of a thousand hills

One of the founders, Jean Pierre NGABONZIZA; has more than 6 years’ experience in tour guiding for both domestic, regional and international tour destinations together with a team of professionals who are passionate about safari adventures and a wide-range of knowledge in the Tourism business and above all they understand well the needs of today’s tourists by delivering quality, personalized and impeccable service that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Our trips are specifically crafted to get you immersed in the destinations you visit by having a direct interaction with the environment and nature to be part of a splendid life experience. We care about conservation and with all, that wildlife can offer plus spectacular species available in Rwanda – a country of thousand hills and millions of smiles located in the heart of Africa.

We promise you a huge sense of personal satisfaction, a feeling of excitement, in a relaxing and safe environment; we provide adventurous and rewarding tours; while still having fun.


Value - Licensed - Best Experience

Diverse Destinations

Rwanda has many beautiful destinations to visit. With our thorough knowledge about the country, we guarantee an unforgettable Experience.

Value for Money

We make sure you get the most out of your budget, by creating affordable itineraries tailored to your passions, leaving you satisfied.

Capture the Moments

Rwanda has a magnificent scenery. We take you to the very best places that will allow you to take the best snaps with our photographers.

Quick Booking

Booking with Vida Tours & Safaris is fast and straightforward. You can always contact us via email or a phone call, and we will process your reservation promptly.

Support Team

Our staff and team are trained in Tourism & Hospitality, coupled with years of experience, they will make you feel at home, & offer the best experience possible.


We are approved & Licensed by Rwanda Development Board to give tourism services within the country. Our clients book us with that peace of mind.